Rechargeable Wooden Sconce

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Enhance your nighttime ambiance with the Battery Operated Wall Sconce! From hallways, cabinets, and the front porch to bedrooms, this sconce is equipped with motion-activated lighting with up to 13 ft / 4m range, allowing for effortless and bright light illumination. Transform any room into an inviting atmosphere instantly with our battery-powered motion detector light.

Specification & Dimensions: 

  • Measures: 1.69"D x 3.15"W x 8.27"H
  • Power Source: AC
  • Voltage: 85 - 265V
  • Battery Charged
  • Motion Sensor
  • Dimmable
  • LED

Flashlight Mode with our Battery Operated Wall Sconce

Our Battery Operated Wall Sconce lights have a flashlight mode that allows you to carry the light fixture as a portable source of light - just like a real torch! Its battery powered and lasts 4-6 months or up to 8h in the nonstop flashlight mode, so you don't have to worry about it running out of power and it helps you save energy.

USB cable for charging the LED lights

Most motion sensor lights are hardwired. However, ours can easily be charged with the included USB cable. Installing motion sensor lights is easy! Our Wooden Sconce includes a base that can be stuck to any surface. With the built-in magnet, the light fixture can easily be attached to the wall again - no need for nails or screws!

Colors and Quantity Options

This battery operated wall sconce offers a modern take on the classic wall sconce look, with two wood tones to choose from: Maple Brown and Walnut Brown.
The Wooden Sconce sleek, minimalistic design and warm light will bring a stylish touch to your walls. Whether you’re looking to light up your hallway, brighten up the living room, or create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, the Wooden Sconce is the perfect choice. The Wooden sconce is available in a variety of sizes, from a single wall sconce to a set of four sconces. Buy more and save, so you can create the perfect lighting look for your home.